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5th edition – Canada-Italy Business Forum on AI & Space Economy – Scotiabank Official Presenter

  • November 07
  • 08H00

From Space to Earth – from Earth to Space: the role of AI

A recent report by the Space Forum at the Organization for Co-operation and Development Economic (OECD-OECD) stresses the importance of space activities for the economy and development of new supply chains and skills.

In fact, many space-derived technologies are now part of everyday life, from navigation to weather forecasts, from food technologies to new materials, from sensors microelectronics to robotic systems and more.  AI and Space economy are also of interest for transversal issues such as sustainable development and cybersecurity.

The 2023 edition of the “Canada-Italy Forum on Artificial Intelligence” has chosen Space Economy as its theme and aims to stimulate a dialogue on how AI and Space Economy can create new opportunities, strengthen existing synergies and stimulate innovative projects on two leading themes that are having a greater impact on the real economy than we think.

The 5th edition of the Canada-Italy International Forum on AI will bring together Canadian and Italian government agencies, technology clusters, universities, large companies, SMEs and technology start-ups, as well as expert speakers and panelists, in Montréal for an in-person event. The technologies and innovations of these key players will be highlighted, as well as potential opportunities for collaboration and networking on both sides of the ocean.

Preliminary program – Montréal, Canada




Monday, November 6 ·        Preparatory Briefing ·      Welcome Cocktail
Tuesday, November 7 ·        Opening Plenary

·        Luncheon Conference

·        Thematic Sessions

·        Closing Plenary

Wednesday, November 8 ·        Working groups

·        Networking luncheon

·        Market learning &  networking

·        Match-making

Thursday, November  9 ·        Market learning & networking

·        Match-making

·        Market learning & networking

·        Match-making

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