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Resounding success for the 1st World Italian Design Day

The 1st edition of World Italian Design Day was held on March 2nd, and celebrated the richness and creativity of this renowned sector of excellence. Numerous activities were organized in 100 cities on all the continents and Montréal, among the major design centers in the world, was chosen as one of the 100 cities where the celebration of the “Italian Design Day”, thanks to its historic and future role in design evolution.
During a round table organized as part of the Italian Design Day, speakers highlighted the close proximity between Montréal and Italy in the design sector and their reciprocal influences.
Among the key-note speakers was Mr. Giovanni De Paoli, Professor Emeritus, former Dean of the Faculty of management at the Université de Montréal and former member of the ICCC’s Board of Directors, and Mr. Tony Gaudette, founder and president of Milan Design, and winner of the 2016 Premio Venezia in the Québec-Italy Collaboration category. |