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Yuri Rassega – ENEL

Head of Cyber Security (CISO) / ENEL

Since June 2016, Yuri Rassega has been Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Enel(*) one of the main integrated operators in energy sector (operating in 30 countries on 5 continents, serving almost 75 million end-users).

Yuri is in charge of leading all the processes of IT&OT&IoT Cyber Security Risk Management, Governance, Engineering, Assurance and Operation including group CERT (CSIRT) and Digital Identity Management.

Previously, between 2014 and 2016, he was head of the Global ICT Solution Center AFC, HR and Procurement and, between 2004 and 2014, he headed the Group’s ICT Global Audit Function carrying out more than 150 deep analysis on digital assets and processes at global scale.

He joined the Enel group in 2001 as head of the ICT function (CIO) at Enel Hydro SpA.

Before working for Enel, Yuri Rassega served with various responsibilities in the ICT industry, including the development of systems in the banking sector, TELCO & ISP, ERP, SCADA, ACS, and ICS solutions for various clients.

His experience has developed through a wide range of roles, from software development and electronic design, to consultancy, to entrepreneurial roles and senior management positions.

He began his professional career, very young, in late ‘80s, working on the implementation of many IT solutions in banking sector (for 12 years), including very early digital financial services development.

In early ‘90s he was co-founder of a start-up company developing original SCADA / ACS / ICS solutions automating town’s Wastewater Treatment Plants, drinking water distribution networks and enhanced HVAC solutions for huge buildings.

In 1999 Yuri Rassega served as the CIO of a private Telco Company (landline phone service and ISP) leading the start-up journey from the green-field to the scale-up phase.

He is member of some institution’s expert working groups such as UE-sponsored Working Groups, WEF-World Economic Forum (with 5 publications), CIGRE D2 Committee regular member from 2022. Many relevant meetings participations such as: G7 and G20.

He serves teaching, being a subject-matter expert adjunct professor, in some Master courses: University of Modena, University of Genova, Bologna Business School, LUISS Business School, University of Firenze, Il Sole24Ore Business School, and presenting many other Lectures at civil and military Academies: eg. Accademia Aeronautica – Pozzuoli (2017); Accademia Navale – Livorno (2018) ; Accademia Militare – Modena (2018); Centro Alti Studi per la Difesa CASD – Roma (2018).

He is a founding partner of “Accademia di Ingegneria e Tecnologia” – Italy.

He takes part as speaker, and/or as panel chairman, and/or as Advisory Board Member in dozens of international conferences on cyber security related matters and wireless communications (from the early 2000’s).

Yuri is also an inventor, he thought up of some digital fraud-detection tools and methods patented in Europe, the USA, and some Latin American countries. |