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Nicolas Beaudet – Omnimed

Scientific Director / Omnimed

Together with public and private partners from different healthcare and IT sectors, Nicolas Beaudet seeks to improve care processes and accelerate clinical research translation to clinical settings for the benefit of patients. He had the opportunity to navigate various R&D research fields these last 15 years, with incursions in preclinical, clinical and evaluative research, with contribution to several hospital and health ministry committees on opioids and pain.

His focus now resides in optimizing models of care in an interdisciplinary fashion, structuring and harmonizing data domains for supporting decision-making through AI modelization. He holds an associate researcher position at the Université de Sherbrooke third care hospital research centre.

He is the former executive director of the Quebec Pain Research Network, part of the Quebec Health Research Funds, and former faculty for the North American Pain School, both positions that emphasized the importance of connecting different disciplines for creating value at a faster pace for patients. |