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Morena Diazzi

General Directorate of Industry, Trade and Tourism / Emilia Romagna Regional Government

Morena Diazzi is an Industrial Economist who specializes in the analysis and evaluation of territorial systems and public policies. Over the course of her career, she has gained insight on the Italian production system and the industrial policy, with a focus on the problems concerning the development of SMEs systems and clusters and the related public policies. In her early career, she worked as a Senior Researcher at “Nomisma – Institute of Economic Studies.”

The scope of her research focused primarily on the issues encountered by SMEs such as productivity, competitiveness, labour cost, and development. Her main publications refer to the Annual Reports on the state of industry in Italy and to the Individual performances in the Emilia-Romagna system. Rankings of the best manufacturing enterprises. From 1993 to 1999, she served as the Chairman of AIMAG, a company that managed the economic public services (water, gas, waste, electricity) in the territory of Modena. From 1999 to 2005, she worked as the Councillor of Economic Activities, Human Resources and Equal opportunities at the Province of Modena, one of Italy’s most industrialized regions. There she worked on the development of partnerships and local policies for SMEs oriented towards competitiveness, research and employment.

Today, Mrs. Diazzi serves as the General Directorate of Industry, Trade and Tourism for the Emilia Romagna Regional Government, a position that also covers the energy sector. In her position she has been in charge of drafting and managing programming documents regarding the main policies of the Directorate: as the Triennial Programme on Productive Activities, the Triennial Programme for Research, the Regional Operational Programme ERDF 2007-2013, the Regional Energy Programme, the activities of the Regional Desk for the Internationalisation of SMEs.

Moreover, she has participated and contributed in developing European networks for the promotion of projects in the field of support to SMEs, local development and research. She has participated as a speaker in various seminars and trainings across the globe, and she is the author of various articles and publications. |