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Matteo Zanchi – Founding Partner and Managing Director, ENERSEM

Founding Partner and Managing Director / ENERSEM

Matteo Zanchi is an environmental engineer and former researcher at the Politecnico University, in Milan. He has gained over 20 years of experience in companies and institutions, public and private, as a manager of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, in Italy and abroad. Matteo Zanchi is the founder of ENERSEM, a spin-off of  Politecnico di Milano, aiming to develop solutions for monitoring, visualization and assessment of energy and resource consumptions in order to identify effective savings opportunities. In this endeavor, Mr. Zanchi discovered the professional experience of entrepreneurship and the social mission of his work. He is proud to lead a group of brilliant colleagues working on energy efficiency in industrial and civil sectors, relying upon AI software solutions along with their extensive industry knowledge. |