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Matteo Roffilli – CEO, Bioretics

CEO / Bioretics

Researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, Matteo Roffilli, born in 1976 in Italy, is an eclectic pioneer in the field of computer vision based on Machine Learning and HPC techniques.

After humanities studies, he obtained a MS degree and a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Bologna, helping to create one of the first commercial systems to aid medical diagnosis in digital X-ray mammography, which today serves more than 130 healthcare facilities in the world every day.

With several conferences, publications, patents and funded projects to his credit, Matteo is constantly engaged in the theoretical and experimental improvement of the performance of machines to replicate and overcome human innate talent of vision.

After strong entrepreneurial experiences in various public and private institutions, in 2012 he founded and then directed the start-up Bioretics with the declared claim of innovating industrial manufacturing, medical, and life science fields with its technologies. |