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Mariacristina Gherpelli

Founder and CEO - GHEPI srl / Chair - Clust-ER Mech

Mariacristina Gherpelli is the founder and CEO of GHEPI S.r.l.. As of July 2018, she became the Chair of the Mechatronics and Motoristics Clust-ER of Emilia-Romagna Region, in Italy.

In Ghepi she oversees the General Management, Research and Innovation, Industrial and Institutional Relations. From 2004 she promoted the participation of GHEPI in European, National and Regional R&D calls. The last Horizon 2020 R&D Project, a Horse Innovation Action, is called COMPLEMANT “COllaborative robot aMPLifying and Extending huMAN capabiliTies”. In 2014, she contributed to the foundation of OPERATECH – Advanced Solutions Network, a business network of six SMEs which has recently opened the Additive Manufacturing division and created a Start-up in the field of automatic food packaging machines with the Industry 4.0 criteria.

In Confindustria, the main Association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy, she has held positions as Regional Chair of SMEs, member of the Research and Innovation Regional Commission and member of the National Council.

GHEPI is a Family SME operating as Full System Supplier in the projects development and production of technical items by injection-molding of polymeric materials. It’s also accredited as a Research Laboratory of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network for its specialization in Metal Replacement with high-performance polymers, experimentation of Biopolymers and Nanocomposites (Graphene).

The Clust-ER Mech is an Association of Companies, Research and Innovation Centers, Training Institutions, Trade Associations that share skills, ideas and resources to increase the cooperation between members, the growth and the competitiveness of the industry in the European areas of S3 – Smart Specialization Strategy, chosen by the Emilia-Romagna Region. |