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Giovanni Beltrame – Polytechnique Montréal

Professor Computer and Software Engineering Department / Polytechnique Montréal

Giovanni Beltrame obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, in 2006 after which he worked as microelectronics engineer at the European Space Agency on a number of projects spanning from radiation-tolerant systems to computer-aided design.

In 2010 he moved to Montreal, Canada where he is currently Professor at Polytechnique Montreal with the Computer and Software Engineering Department.

Dr. Beltrame directs the MIST Lab, with more than 20 students and postdocs under his supervision. He has completed several projects in collaboration with industry and government agencies in the area of robotics, disaster response, and space exploration. He and his team participated in several field missions with ESA, CSA, and NASA (BRAILLE, PANAGAEA-X, and IGLUNA among others). His research interests include modeling and design of embedded systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics, on which he has published research in top journals and conferences. |