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Frank Béraud – Chief Executive Officer, Montréal InVivo

Chief Executive Officer / Montréal InVivo

Holding more than 25 years of experience in the life sciences sector, Mr. Béraud has particularly acquired a solid expertise in business development. With a background in sales and marketing within multinationals in the field of clinical diagnostics, his career path has led him to assume responsibility for business development for an SME in the domain of biotechnology, in addition to working as a consultant within the industry as well as a technology transfer organization. Mr. Béraud has also worked on managing the policies and strategic development of an industrial association in the life sciences sector before joining Montréal InVivo’s team. Highly socially engaged in education, the health and homelessness, he currently chairs the board of directors of the charitable organization Cancer Computer, which aims to provide leading researchers with the computing power of refurbished supercomputers. |