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Donato Laico

Software manager / Sacmi

Donato Laico is a software engineer who has been working for Sacmi Imola S. C. since 1998.  After working as project manager for various projects, he is currently the software manager for Sacmi Vision Systems where he leads a team of engineers for the development, integration and industrialization of the vision systems. His long experience in computer vision, which began with his university studies, has enabled him to develop innovative systems that have made Sacmi one of the main industrial players in the field. In fact, Donato has been credited with four patents, the last of which concerns the industrial application of artificial intelligence algorithms to the computer vision.

Donato sees great potential in artificial intelligence and his research is focusing on how to use it in industry. He was one of the speakers at the workshop “AI for Industrial Automation” of Ital-IA, the first Italian conference on artificial intelligence. |