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Davide Sangiorgi – Fasternet s.r.l.

Innovation manager and specialist in business development / Fasternet s.r.l.

Innovation manager and specialist in business development.  Manager of the IOBO business network that has as its objective the development of digitization projects. The activities I carry out concern the commercial coordination of companies for the products and services conveyed by the network, coordination of the technical committee for the development of projects, coordination of projects developed within the network. The main projects I follow are:

Mo.So.Re. in partnership with INGENERA srl, GeneGIS GI S.r.l., IMBAL CARTON s.r.l., STMicroelectronics S.p.A., Italcementi S.p.A., ENEA and University of Brescia. The objectives of this project are multiple in terms of studies and development of products and services that will generate new business opportunities and aims to bring innovation and benefits in the resilience and sustainability of mobility by acting on three areas: transport infrastructures, charging infrastructures and ICT infrastructures (technologies used,  IOT platform, big data, machine learning)

ATG in partnership with Coldiretti Brescia, A2a Smart City, Innexhub, CSMT, COBO spa, Condifesa. The project aims to digitize production in the agricultural sector through the orchestration of data from multiple sources (iot, satellites, field activities) starting from the sound of the fields to give companies a decision support tool.

M-apperò, in partnership with the Lombard Mobility Cluster, Province of Brescia, Streparava spa and Qmap, we collect data provided by satellite data providers to provide information on the state of the road surface to infrastructure managers (technologies used, IOT, big data, machine learning, BI)

Indoor location project in partnership with Politecnico di Milano, Noovle spa and Fondazione Poliambulanza, through the use of a 3dBim model of the health institute we locate patients within the operating block for the optimization of the management of the department (technologies used, BLE, UWB, Beacon, cloud, machine learning).

HELPCARE project in collaboration with the CSMT, RJ45 aims to develop an ecosystem of services for the digitization of home care services (technologies used BLE beacon, machine learning, cloud). |