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Annibale Guariglia – Geocart Spa

CEO / Geocart Spa

Annibale Guariglia was born in 1968, Graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Basilicata.

Currently holds the position of CEO in Geocart Spa.

Since 2000 he has been working as Head of Earth Observation, Environmental Analysis and IT Divisions at Geocart S.p.A..

During these years, Mr. Guariglia coordinated as Project Manager:

  • remote sensing campaign using satellite and aerophotographic data for environmental monitoring and for the monitoring of engineering works or infrastructure networks (e.g. railways, roads, power lines, pipelines, etc…) in order to map the exact location and check the quality level of services;
  • standardizing and developing methodologies for the monitoring of the earth’s crust deformations using interferometric technique from SAR data (ERS1, ERS2, ENVISAT);
  • definition of a multi‐source approach for coastline mapping and identification of shoreline changes using cartographic data, satellite imagery (SPOT‐PX, Landsat‐TM, Corona) and aerial photo;
  • flight operator for MAPping platform (integrated system of GPS, IMU, LiDAR, Digital Cameras, Thermal Camera and Hyper spectral sensors);
  • RTD in the Cosmo/SkyMed programme of Italian Space Agency;
  • topographic surveys;
  • remote sensing measurement campaign and data restitution and processing.

He carried out as Technical Manager several projects in Italy and abroad (Spain, Serbia, Jordan, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Chile). |