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Tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. And while Italy’s global appeal as a tourist destination remains a constant, a more informed and sophisticated tourist seeks new experiences off the beaten track.

We work very closely with Italian tour operators, travel agencies and a series of government departments in helping craft a more diversified touristic offer, one that offers new itineraries and thematic packages in destinations that still remain undiscovered. Whether the target markets are baby boomers, young professionals or families, we work with Italian specialists to offer new and exciting itineraries that are often cultural, artistic, gastronomic or historical journeys.

We have also undertaken a wine, travel and leisure initiative that is sure to please oenophiles and Italophiles. WINE AND TRAVEL ITALY is a virtual on-line wine community that lets you discover the region and the producer behind your favorite Italian wine. Through WINE AND TRAVEL ITALY you can plan a visit in some of Italy’s most beautiful vineyards and estates; you can visit with wine producers and their families; discover the secrets of the winemaking and share your passion with wine experts and oenophiles.

Services For Canadian Tour Operators


Offer and demand: by target group, by type of travel package


New and exciting Italian tourist destinations






New itineraries through campaigns, digital marketing and workshops for media and trade


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