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International Sales


A first crucial step when undertaking an expansion process is the assessment of your strategic objectives, the potential for your business proposal and the opportunities a foreign market can offer. In defining and outlining the most effective strategy to enter a new market, we provide clients with:


  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Trends Review & Opportunities Appraisal
  • Company’s Resources & Constraints Evaluation


Once this first evaluation is completed and you have determined your company is ready to approach a new market, you will look for the right partners, collaborators and clients. Relationship is key. One based on mutual trust and related business objectives. We can help you identify and select potential partners, clients or suppliers.

When you’ve entered a new market we can help you gain market share with a series of very targeted marketing services. Promotional activities, commercial initiatives, and information workshops are all made-to-measure to help you establish a long-term commercial presence in your new market. Naturally, we continue to monitor the market for you and advise on how to respond quickly to any changes.

We also work with qualified business consultants who have years of industry experience and unique cultural insight. |