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Webinar « Break boundaries and create what’s next »

  • September 30
  • 11H00

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada (ICCC) is teaming up with the creative agency Sid Lee to offer a 90-minute interactive workshop “Break Boundaries and Create What’s Next”.

This online event aims to support business leaders, managers and individuals seeking to propel innovation, develop new strategies and maximize collaboration in this pressing time of reinvention.

Our goal for this workshop is to share practical and tangible ways for creativity to come to the rescue so your organization can adapt, respond and shape your path forward. We will share tools and frameworks to help you leverage creativity as you navigate your “new normal” and stimulate growth as the market continues to evolve.  

This event will be held on September 30th, 2020 — 11:00am-12:30pm EST,
and will be structured around three key themes: 

1. How to overcome critical uncertainties with scenario planning

2. How to spark a creative culture

3 . How to design for out-of-the-box collaborations and extend your possibilities

Presented by Vito Piazza, Group President at Sid Lee

Presented by Philippe Meunier, Global Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder at Sid Lee

Presented by Elana Gorbatyuk, Global Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at Sid Lee

The webinar will be broadcasted on Zoom.

Please register here :
Note that the session will be presented in English.