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New campaign featuring Bova Marina, borgo della Sinagoga

Bova Marina borgo della Sinagoga 

Suggestions and itineraries for experiencing the territory of Bova Marina

The new promotional campaign for the destination Bova Marina, carried out by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada (ICCC), has been launched in Canada.

The communication campaign is part of the “Bova Marina, a village of the Synagogue” project, which is part of the strategic program for the enhancement of the tourist and cultural offerings of the Calabria region promoted by the Calabria Regional Government. The Municipal Administration’s goal is to develop and promote tourist attractiveness through the provision of an innovative, specialized, and integrated system of cultural and natural attractions, starting with the presence of the Jewish Synagogue, in order to redesign the image of Bova Marina.

The rich offerings of culture, nature, gastronomy, craftsmanship, and excursions make Bova Marina the ideal destination for travelers seeking a unique and high-quality experience.

Starting September 11th, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada began the communication campaign for the destination Bova Marina through the Wine and Travel Italy communication platforms. Content has been created relating to the territory, gastronomy, culture, and travel in the Bova Marina area, including articles on the wine excellences of the region and typical gastronomy recipes like maccheroni with goat meat sauce. Visit the Wine and Travel Italy website and its social networks to discover more hidden treasures from the Bova Marina area!

The communication campaign will continue until October 25, 2023. |