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“Eat & Think Pink Canada” – First event of the European project for pork meat with sector stakeholders in Montréal

The launch event of the European project “Eat & Think Pink Canada” took place in Montréal on Tuesday, March 21st, at 6pm, in the offices of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada, the body delegated by the Executive Agency (SG Project) of the European program for which Opas – Italy’s largest pork product organization – acts as project leader. In the presence of food sector operators, journalists, opinion leaders and influencers, Opas representatives presented the overview of the actions planned for the next three years: this following the formalization by the European Commission and Agea – the Italian institutional body of reference.

The aim of the project is to provide information on the characteristics of European pork meat and, at the same time, to promote its wide variety. Pigs are bred in the main Italian regions where farmers faithfully follow European legislation in the livestock sector and apply precise regulations aimed, for example, at animal welfare, the conscious use of medicines, environmental sustainability and the development of the territory.  The key points of EU pork production are therefore the dictates of the European strategy “Farm to Fork” which presents itself as a tool for food availability where respect for the environment, certifications and traceability are the cornerstones.

Scheduled in the program are public relations events, participation in the most important trade shows in Canada, presence with dedicated spaces in supermarkets located in major Canadian cities, and B2B meetings with buyers, among other initiatives, in addition to a dedicated website and the launch of a social platform. |