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Message from the ICCC: First regions begin to reopen, and rural tourism has wind in its sails

12th May, 2020

Dear Members and Partners,

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the state of the global economy and of trade between Canada and the world. The ICCC is here to help you get through this difficult period, by supporting you and your international business strategies.

Economic overview of Italy and recovery measures in place

Consult the new COVID-19 section on our website which offers businesses frequent updates on the economy and trade between Quebec and Italy. Click here.

To know all the measures put in place by the Italian government and its institutions to deal with the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, please click on this summary by KPMG.

Phase 2 in Italy: First regions begin to reopen, and rural tourism has wind in its sails

Given the stabilization of the epidemic in certain regions, as of May 18th, Liguria, Sardegna and Trentino-Alto Adige have confirmed the reopening of bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, beaches and beauty salons, with certain restrictions such as maintaining a minimum distance between customers. Theaters, cinemas, gyms and all public events will remain closed until further notice. Click here (article in Italian)

For their vacations this year, Italians must choose less crowded destinations in order to avoid cities and beaches. The countryside will therefore see the lion’s share of tourism this summer, favouring agritourism, and trips which include nature, culinary and wine discovery tours.

Calls to face mask producers and innovators to fight the pandemic

The National Federation of Pharmacists has sounded the alarm in the face of the imminent depletion of the supply of face masks at €0.50 euros, the wearing of which is compulsory in Italy. It is estimated that around 10 million masks are sold per day. For instructions on how to export masks to Italy, please click here.

In addition, the Italian government has set up the Innova per l’Italia initiative, which calls on companies, universities and research institutions to develop technological innovations in medical and respiratory devices, diagnostic and data analysis equipment, as well as contamination prevention devices. For more information, click here.

Attend the ICCC’s Annual General Meeting

Members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada are invited to the annual general meeting, which will take place on Wednesday June 3rd at 6:00 p.m. via video conference. Members must register by email to Connie Russo (, they will receive the link to the video conference and password to access the meeting.

For more information, click here.

Our team remains dedicated to answer all your questions and to assist you.

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Thank you for your continued trust and stay safe.

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