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Webinars for ICCC members on Covid-19

During this challenging time surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, a member of the ICCC, BDO, is presenting a series of webinars offering entrepreneurs and companies training and valuable information.

* Please note these webinars are in English.

Training 1

The spread of COVID-19 has forced companies to adapt quickly and decisively. Tried-and-true income sources are now at risk, and businesses seek new revenue streams to fund operations. But finding new business remains a challenge in the short term for many companies. How can businesses meet their payroll and other operating expenses? BDO is offering a webinar to help you navigate through this time. We will summarize actions which businesses can take right now through Corporate and Personal Income Tax Payments, Indirect Tax, Government Incentives and support, and International Tax Strategies.

Date:   March 26, 2020
Time:   12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration:   1 Hour

Registration link:

This webinar (in English) offers immediate steps you can take to manage your cash flow during this challenging time. Focusing on tax measures and government programs, it is designed to help you uncover the liquidity options hidden in your business.

Participants will learn:  

  • How to choose the right government programs to support their business
  • How international tax planning offers immediate relief
  • How to recover more sales tax from the CRA
  • How to lower their income tax instalments

Register now for the webinar at the link above.

Training 2

 Subject: Planning and Execution of Human Resources Strategies – COVID 19

This webinar will be chaired by Ms. Anna Giampà, Director, Strategy / Management Consulting Services and Mr. Jean Dénommé, Director HR Consulting Services.

Date:   March 26, 2020
Time:   11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration:   1 Hour

Registration link:                                                                                 

We invite participants to send their questions as of now to Anna and Jean so that they can be addressed during the meeting: or

 Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the meeting. |