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Altera Fabrica brings AI to everyday office life

Altera Fabrica, a technology company based on Cosenza, simplifies and automates individual procedures, or part of them, which are typical of an office’s daily life, without using complicated or expensive management systems.

The transversality of digital technologies makes possible to optimize all work processes.  The use of Multi-Dynamic QR codes, as proposed by Altera Fabrica, gives quality and distinction to the client’s own business, generating value for themselves and their clients through the multiple fields of application that ADDPLUS software allows.  Horizontal scalability allows the use of Multi-D QR codes in any production environment.

For companies in every field, simplifying and automating the work process is among the primary objectives to achieve. Vertical scalability makes the Multi-Dynamic QR codes perfect to responding to the needs of professionals and micro-enterprises for quick and simple execution of their office work.

Ugo Vitale, CEO of Altera Fabrica, participated in the 1st Canada-Italy Business Forum on AI in Montreal.   The company met with potential clients in diverse sectors, such as design, architecture and technology, who could benefit from the innovative solutions proposed by Altera Fabrica, among them:   

  • Augmented Data Document

Simplified processes and augmented contents for fast and effective management of office documents, always traceable with Multi-D QR codes.

  • Multi Data Contents

Multiple data and contents that can always be updated and transmitted in a Multi-D QR code, readable by any device.

  • Document Deadline Management

Automated and quick management of the document deadlines with timed e-mail notifications to your clients and partners.

  • Multi File Uploading

All the files that your cloud could contain.  Load and attached them to the Multi-D QR code to consult them wherever you want with a simple click or scan.

  • Work Sharing System

Companies can manage and edit their Multi-D QR codes by sharing with clients and partners, or simply emailing them, allowing the work to be viewable even with a click.

  • Quick Page

Simple tools to create web pages quickly, promoting the company, the brand, the business without buying a domain, hosting or templates.

  • Quick Selling

The fastest tool to promote and sell products online directly from its packaging.  Scan and buy, the most likely way to get bought is to be tasted

  • Multi Social Profile

Promote all of the company’s social media profiles at the same time, using a singular Multi-D QR code for following.  The marketing of the company’s ideas has a new ally. 

  • Talking Business Cards

Give life and personality to the business card introducing the company, its skills and contents in an innovative way by applying a Multi-D QR Code. |