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Thriving Life Sciences sector in Calabria : Biotecnomed

Biotecnomed is a consortium of public research institutions and small, medium and big enterprises located in Catanzaro, in the southern region of Calabria (Italy). It provides ideas, tools and resources fostering innovation and development, creating new business opportunities, and enhancing collaboration between companies, universities and regional research centers.

With 19 laboratories and 48 associated enterprises, Biotecnomed is a highly specialized organization in the fields of Biotechnology and Human Health, providing advanced services and facilities for research centers and enterprises. 

The consortium’s 4 main application areas:

  • Regenerative medicine, dealing with structural and functional restoration of organs and damaged tissues, through the use of cells taken from the individual and grown in the laboratory.
  • Advanced diagnostics, allowing early recognition of specific diseases, minimizing misdiagnosis due to the limitations of traditional clinical pathways and optimizing public spending.
  • Neuromotor rehabilitation now has innovative tools that integrate into more traditional rehabilitative paths.
  • Nutraceuticals and functional foods, dealing with the design and characterization of foods aimed at promoting the prevention of chronic diseases with high social impact, to improve the quality of life of citizens and optimize public spending

Biotecnomed consists of 14 members, 1 workspace and 7 patents under their portfolio and they are currently invested in 12 R&D projects and 4 areas of applied research. 

Biotecnomed took part in the 1st Canada-Italy Business Forum on AI in September 2019 in Montreal. Throughout the 2-day event, officials from Biotecnomed had the opportunity to connect with some of Quebec’s most innovative startups, established companies, research centers and clusters within the life sciences sector in order to offer their services and establish future partnerships.

Since biomedical sciences represents a highly specialized sector in the region of Calabria, it boasts several centers of excellence with high-level technologies. These resources can be exploited and integrated through the Innovation Pole of Health Technologies, to improve innovation development in Calabria and to boost new business opportunities for companies, universities and regional research centers in the field of human health.

Biotecnomed is the General Partner of the Human Health District, created in Calabria in 2013, which involves all of its 13 members together with the National Research Council. The result of this partnership initiative is a cluster focused on Human Health, whose aim is to promote local scientific, technological and industrial advances in a national and international context and attracting investments through the spread of cultural innovation. 

Biotecnomed owns in-house laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment for 3D modeling, simulation and printing, PCB rapid prototyping, SW development and HW+SW integration and testing. It offers services in the area of research and development, intellectual property, laboratory research services, events and training, and a digital fabrication “maker space”.

Stay tuned as we feature some of Calabria’s stand-out innovative companies and institutions. |