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Wine and Travel Italy presents : Pizza Night, Destination Puglia

On November 16th, 2017, Pizza Night in Montreal was held simultaneously at two pizzerias, renowned for the skills of their authentic pizzaioli, their innovative recipes and their use of the highest quality Italian ingredients. The evening featured the magnificent region of Puglia, offering guests a modern twist on pizzas using typical regional products paired with the wines from Puglia.

Stella Pizzeria hosted young professionals, millennials and influencers, while Fiorellino Snack Bar welcomed representatives from the local business community, members and partners of the ICCC, specialized media and influencers.

During the evening, Chef Pasquale Vari, professor at the prestigious ITHQ – Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec and Ambassador of Italian cuisine, presented the authentic regional products guests enjoyed. Mr. Vincenzo Lavarra, from the Parco Regionale Dune Costiere Torre Canne Torre S. Leonardo and Mrs. Manuela Lenoci, from Puglia Promozione, invited guests to visit the region, Italy’s trendiest destination.

We thank all our guests for joining us, the wonderful pizzaiolis and chefs from Fiorellino and Stella, our guests of honour from Puglia, as well as our partners of the evening, Tormaresca, Gioiella Latticini, Iris Importing & Distributing and Favuzzi.

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