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Are all grapes created equal?

Like many other industry sectors, fresh fruits and vegetables are now sourced worldwide. Changing consumer tastes, new advances in production, more efficient storage, faster shipment times, all create opportunities for a producer to think globally, beyond their immediate geographic market.

Italy’s food manufacturers, renowned worldwide for their excellence, continue to advance their know-how and develop their expertise in this traditional sector in order to remain competitive on the international markets and offer consumers original products.

One such company is the Grape&Grape Group, based in Apulia, which has transformed the way Italian table grapes are produced by successfully creating new varietals, which meet the specific demands and preferences of today’s consumers.

The result of innovative cross-breeding, these grapes are not genetically modified yet present superior characteristics in taste, shape and color, sure the please the most discerning palates.

As Grape&Grape targets new international markets, the ICCC assisted the Group by presenting an initial market assessment of the potential in Québec, identifying and selecting potential partners, and scheduling targeted business meetings with local stakeholders in the produce sector.

The ICCC will continue to provide follow-up services to the Group in the upcoming weeks, to ensure that the Group’s savory grapes are soon available on our grocery store shelves.

As consumers, we all benefit by having access to higher quality and greater variety of produce.

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