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The Royal Canadian Air Force Programs & Defence Seminars

The Government of Canada is in the process of launching several major procurement projects in the near future. Projects to replace CF-18s and purchase fixed-wing search and rescue platforms are progressing well. This is a unique opportunity for the Canadian defence industry, which may not be seen before another generation. Indeed, these projects represent a considerable volume of contracts worth several billion dollars.

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Defence and Major Projects Seminar, to be held on April 3, will provide an overview of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s major procurement projects over the next few years. You will also be able to meet OEMs, their Tier 1 partners and government officials about these projects. This event includes lunch (with guest speaker) and a networking cocktail.

Come and meet industry and government stakeholders and decision makers on these projects to learn more about these major procurement projects in order to better position your company.

Guests of honor and keynote speakers:

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