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Massimo Ruffolo

Chercheur à l'ICAR-CNR, Fondateur Altilia / Altilia; ICAR-CNR

Massimo is an innovator with 20+ years of experience as researcher and entrepreneur. He is member of the High Performance Computing and Networking Institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). His research interests are: Artificial Intelligence, Databases and Big Data, Semantic Technologies, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing. Massimo has led many R&D projects, is author of papers appeared in international journals and conference proceedings, is reviewer and program committee member of many international conferences and journals, and has been adjunct professor at the University of Calabria.

The most recent of Massimo’s entrepreneurial initiatives is Altilia where he is the founder/CEO/CTO. He contributes to shape product, marketing and business strategies directly executing R&D, product development, and sales activities. Altilia is now one of the most important Italian players in the areas of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. |