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Marie-Pierre Faure

Assistant Director, Living Lab / Institut TransMedTech

Marie Pierre Faure holds a PhD in Neuroscience from McGill University in Montreal. For more than 25 years, she has built bridges between academic “knowledge” and “know-how” and innovative companies in the health sciences. Over the course of her career, Marie-Pierre has repeatedly succeeded in passing on an idea to one or more proven and patented products, both clinical and commercial.

Marie-Pierre started in 2012 C4Care Living LAB (ENoLL accredited in 2016) and created a SkinCheck4LIFE ecosystem dedicated to skin cancer that combines convergent technologies with the patient care treatment plan. SkinCheck4LIFE brings together a set of actors/facilitators: the patients, the foundation, the primary physicians, the dermatologists, the surgeons, the oncologists, the pharmacists and several companies.

Marie Pierre is also an active member of several committees including, among others, Techno Montreal and HackingHealth. |