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Other Services

Commercial Missions

Nothing beats being there……talking to business owners, getting a feel of the land.

We regularly organize economic and commercial missions to Italy for our Canadian clients. These include meetings with businesses and government officials in Italy, visits of industrial districts and individual B2B meetings for participants.

Individual Business Trips To Italy

In Italy, things get done a lot quicker when you have an Italian on your team!

We can build your agenda, coordinate meetings with businesses you want to meet, prepare your promotional material in Italian and once you arrive in Italy have our Italian personnel accompany you every step of the way.

Conferences, Seminars, Forums

Staying informed and up to date on business trends, innovation and technology and marketing is crucial in today’s global economy.

We hold a myriad of activities designed to inform businesses and keep our clients abreast of issues that can impact their businesses. Our speakers are leaders in their fields and always happy to share their passion with our audiences.

Market Reports

Knowledge is power.

We can provide market reports for specific industry sectors, and map trends and developments to identify potential opportunities.

An Office Away From Home

We are located right in the heart of downtown Montreal, directly across from the beautiful McGill University campus. You can very easily set-up a temporary office at our Chamber of Commerce while exploring your new market, setting up a subsidiary or meeting new clients or partners. Italian clients have long used this service and find it very useful.


Often all you need is some good advice from someone who has already been there.

We can all use a little help from our friends! Support is fundamental when entering a new market. Whether you are looking to export or seeking a new technology to improve your manufacturing processes, everyone can use trusted advice from people of experience. |