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Sustainable energy

We are an innovative company, a Politecnico University spin-off based in Milan.

We work making the most of the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence and IoT for Industry 4.0. In August 2021, we formed a strategic alliance with Cimberio S.p.A., which invested in ENERSEM for the development of AI solutions in warehouse climatization, based on its smart control valves.


Cloud-based software as a service for analyzing and optimizing energy consumption in the civil and industrial sectors. Thanks to models based on monitored data, we identify opportunities for efficiency gains and optimize the operation of numerous systems, such as: chillers, heat pumps, cogenerators, heat recovery systems, air handling units, cooling systems. We incorporate Cimberio smart valve into our software product, creating Knolval TM, further enhancing the scope of action in the field of AI applied to air conditioning and process control.

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Value proposition

Save energy and money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help our customers make informed and profitable energy decisions and investments.

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Matteo Zanchi