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E-Plato is a tech startup that offers a suite of software products in the field of natural language processing

The company helps companies to automate and improve the management of their data presented in textual form by offering a semantic search engine and an automatic textual data classifier.


E-Plato offers two different solutions. Aristotele classifies any kind of data presented in the form of natural language text and improves a company’s efficiency by automating the assignment and classification of any incoming textual data, like documents, tickets, reports, etc. Socrate is a search engine that allows users to find information and documents within the corporate knowledge base. The user experience is of a « Google-Like » search engine: if Google finds information on the public web, Socrate finds data within the corporate’s documentation.

Value Proposition

Companies that choose Aristotele as their system for organizing and categorizing text data, gain two key advantages: by automating the data classification process, they can avoid dedicating staff to analyze the data; by applying E-Plato’s system to the assignment of tasks to departments, a significant increase in business efficiency is produced because the time that elapses between task creation and task taking is reduced, thus speeding up business rhythms and satisfying end customers faster. This system creates value for document management systems, currently in use by companies and into which it is integrated, as it adds the ability to automate one of the many processes still performed manually.

Socrate innovates the document search engine in companies and makes it very similar to a web search engine: through the use of natural language, users can find documents and information contained within the documents themselves. The user experience is like the Google search engine, but unlike Google, which searches for data on the public Web, Socrate finds the information inside the company’s knowledge base and documentation.

In addition, the product does not require any manual indexing of documents, thus, saving companies time in the data entry phase. Socrate replaces the document search engine implemented in existing enterprise management systems by improving the indexing of data and its search using natural language.

Given the unstructured nature of the data to be processed, by implementing machine learning algorithms, E-Plato brings to the market innovative solutions that are able to solve problems that cannot be addressed by conventional software systems.

The generic competitive advantages of the E-Plato products relate to several aspects involving timing, installation methods, and the initial investment to be made.

First, the timing of activation of machine learning models turns out to be fast because most of the initialization processes are automatic. E-Plato’s systems process data that represents a company’s know-how, and for this reason, for some customers, it is difficult to bring sensitive data outside their company: E-Plato also offers on-premises software installation, generating compressed AI models that can also be installed on offline machines. This last feature is very important for some customer segments and can be the deciding factor in choosing which vendor to trust.

In addition, due to the automation of activation processes and the optimization of hardware resources required, Socrate is more cost-effective than its competitors.

For each customer, Socrate generates a specific AI model based on company data, making the accuracy very high compared to a generic model shared among several customers.

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