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Quebec-Italy Business

Québec and Italy enjoy a long-standing relationship. They cooperate in areas of arts and culture, in social affairs and in business and technology. In fact, for over 50 years now, the Government of Québec operates its own Delegation in Italy. This presence has allowed Québec to develop and maintain close productive ties with Italy. Québec and Italy are close economic partners.

With the recent signature of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA), we expect ties between Québec and Italy to strengthen and to intensify. For Québec companies, CETA represents huge opportunities for investment and easier access to a market of 500 million consumers. We are convinced that Italy offers remarkable business opportunities and that, more importantly, it is a bridge to the EU market.

Québec, on the other hand, is a key player between Italy and North America. The Italian and Québec economies are similar. Both value innovation and know-how and both seek expertise that can give rise to interesting networks, increased trade and strategic partnerships.

Promoting Québec & Italian Expertise

In 2014, the Government of Québec and the Lombardy Region signed a 5-year bilateral agreement relating to Research and Innovation. This agreement provides for collaborations in advanced manufacturing, as applied to aerospace, agri-food and micro and nanotechnologies industries. This agreement, which promotes Québec and Italian expertise, will lead to the creation of joint research projects and allow researchers greater mobility.


The IT revolution, communications and e-business have pushed us into a new universe. From now on we are living in the era of interconnections and economic partnerships.

Prof. Christian Deblock
International Political Economics

Québec’s Economic Priorities


The Plan Nord is an ambitious sustainable development program for the development of resources in northern Québec.


Québec’s Maritime Strategy seeks to foster sustainable growth in Québec’s maritime economy and encourage the creation of quality jobs in all regions of Québec. It also seeks to protect the integrity of Québec’s river and marine ecosystems while enhancing the betterment of communities in the maritime territory.


Québec is one of the world’s leading producers of hydro-electricity.

Le Commerce De Marchandises Entre Le Québec Et L’Italie

L’évolution des échanges
En 2014, les échanges commerciaux de biens entre le Québec et l’Italie se chiffraient à 2,4 G$, ce qui représente une hausse de 12,9 % par rapport à l’année 2013. Cette hausse résulte de l’effet combiné de l’augmentation des exportations (+149,2 M$) et des importations (+129,1 M$).

Au cours de la période considérée (2010-2014), la croissance de la valeur annuelle moyenne des échanges a été positive (6,6 %).
En 2014, la valeur de ces échanges représentait 23 % des échanges commerciaux de biens du Canada avec ce pays.

Toujours en 2014, la valeur des échanges commerciaux de biens entre le Québec et l’Italie correspondait à près de 8,6 % de la valeur totale des échanges du Québec avec l’UE 28.

Cette même année, l’Italie s’est classée au 5e rang des partenaires commerciaux du Québec en Europe (UE 28) et elle se classait au 9e rang mondial.

Source : Économie, Science et Innovation, Québec Italie, Note sur l’économie et le commerce de l’Italie

Évolution des échanges de biens entre le Québec et l’Italie, 2010-2014 (en millions de dollars)

Sources : Statistique Canada et Institut de la statistique du Québec

2010 2011 2012 2013
Exportations 456,0 469,3 404,6 371,7
Importations 1 435,6 1 589,9 1 518,9 1 789,3
Commerce total 1 891,7 2 059,3 1 923,5 2 161,0 |