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Announcing the New Board of Directors of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada

Montreal, May 3rd, 2023 – On May 2nd, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada (ICCC) hosted its members in one of Montreal’s most iconic business venues. The event, which took place in the prestigious offices of the law firm Blakes, saw the unveiling of the ICCC’s 2023-2024 Board of Directors, elected on the same night. The new Board of Directors is an acurate representation of the Chamber’s diverse sectors, as reflected by its members.  

The Assembly also saw to the mandate renewal of 7 ICCC Board members. 

As such, Mrs. Marie Anna Bacchi; Mrs. Mina Farinacci; Mrs. Rosetta Iacono; Mrs. Patrica Occhiuto, Mr. Giovanni Barberio; Mr. Angelo Noce; and Mr. Mark Anthony Serri had their mandates renewed for an additional two years. 

Below is the complete list of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada’s Board of Directors for the years 2023-2024: 

Executive Committee

  • Carmine D’Argenio, Chair of the Board and President
    • CEO, BMW-Mini Laval 
  • Marie Anna Bacchi, Executive Vice-President
    • Senior Director, Villa Maria 
  • Damiano Dussin, Treasurer
    • Partner, PWC (Canada) 
  • Paul E. Legault, Legal Secretary
    • Associate, Chair Italy Desk, Miller Thomson 
  • Vito Piazza, Vice-President
    • Company Director 
  • Mark Anthony Serri, Vice-President, Promotion
    • Managing Director, Mid-Market M&A Corporate Client Group, RBC Royal Bank 

Board Members

  • Giovanni Barberio
    • Managing Partner, GBCPA Inc. 
  • Gaspare Colletti
    • President, Les aliments CELL 
  • Anthony Della Sala
    • EVP Finance, MSC (Canada) 
  • Mina Farinacci
    • Managing Partner, Est Leader, Business Services and Outsourcing Practice, BDO 
  • Liza Frulla
    • CEO, Institut de tourisme et de l’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) 
  • Rosetta Iacono
    • Director, Growth and Commercial Relations, Montreal Port Authority 
  • Alexandre Lagarde
    • Vice-President, Foreign Investments, Montréal International 
  • Angelo Noce
    • Partner, Blakes 
  • Patricia Occhiuto
    • President, Les Importations Mini Italia 
  • Fernando Petreccia
    • President and CEO, Muraflex 
  • Mario Rigante
    • Regional President (Quebec), BMO Private Wealth 

The ICCC thanks Me Angelo Noce and the entire Blakes team for their hospitality and collaboration in the organization of the AGM. |