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Prosecco DOC pays homage to the Italian art of Antonio Canova

Elegance, beauty and simplicity come together in the art of Canova and in the essence of Prosecco DOC through the new short film Genius Moves The World.

Treviso, 6th September 2022. A perfect union between natural forms and ideal beauty, sculpted in the contemporary collective imagination, while belonging to an ancient time.

Prosecco DOC chooses to celebrate the bicentenary of Antonio Canova’s death with a tribute to his art and his love for dance, through the short film Genius Moves The World – presented on 6th September, on the occasion of the 79th Venice International Film Festival, with a special event aboard the Bragozzo (typical venetian boat) of the Serenissima, sailing in the waters of the Venetian lagoon.

An exciting journey that transports the audience to the heart of 18th century Veneto to relive the atmospheres and environments in which Canova moved, imagined, contemplated, and gave shape to the matter, revealing its grace and beauty. The same feelings that are found tasting a bubbly glass of Prosecco DOC. An association that enhances the highest idea of ​​beauty, a journey between illusion and creation, where the hand that carves the marble is the same that works the vineyard.

The story comes to life through the three protagonists: the young Antonio Canova played by Michele Piccolo, the statue of Ebe personified by Virna Toppi – prima ballerina of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan – and the winemaker of Prosecco DOC represented by Andrea Offredi.

The film is co-produced with Anam Cara – Philosophy of the image® and signed by director Carlo Guttadauro, who comments: “this is not a documentary, but an imaginative journey without the constraints of a strict screenplay, shot with the freedom that Canova has pursued all his life, capable of bringing together sculpture, music and dance”.

It is art that moves the world, the art of a dancer who tells the story of Ebe by dancing and narrates the passion of a winemaker who collects his fruits and finds them in a bottle. Their eyes reveal the simplicity of beauty, which elevates everyday life into a work of art, the need to describe a stunning world where harmony and love find their forms thanks to the hands of man and his ingenuity.

In addition to their common origins, Prosecco and Canova share the immediacy of the expression and the international vocation, which they both obtained by virtue of their talent and perseverance in seeking perfection. After all, enjoying a good wine – as well as admiring a work of art – projecting us into other worlds, beyond space and time.

“We are honoured and proud to share with the great Maestro Canova the same Treviso origins that are humble but with huge potential. Potential which Canova magnified enhancing the beauty of simplicity in such a way that it is appreciated all over the world. Even today, as then, his works of rare elegance are the emblem of an artistic-cultural expression of great inspiration, which reminds to an extraordinary and unique territory in the world” comments the President of the Protection of the DOC Prosecco Consortium, Stefano Zanette.

To complete the representation of the quintessence of absolute beauty, you can find the special edition of the limited-edition bottle “Canova Gloria Trevigiana” in the homonymous exhibition hosted by the Bailo Museum of Treviso, curated by Fabrizio Malachin, Giuseppe Pavanello and Nico Stringa. A label that pays homage to the history and poetry of classical art by Antonio Canova, which depicts one of the emblematic works of the Amore e Psiche Stanti, whose sinuous lines blend with the soft shapes of the Prosecco DOC bottle.

Genius Moves The World – A Tribute to Antonio Canova

A film by Anam Cara – Philosophy of the Image® for the Prosecco DOC Protection Consortium

Directed by: Carlo Guttadauro

Cast: Michele Piccolo, Andrea Offedi and Virna Toppi

Narrator: Dario Penne

Awards and Acknowledgments

  • New York Movie Awards – Winner
  • NYFA New York International Film Awards – Winner
  • Top Shorts Film Festival 2022 – Winner
  • Cine Paris Film Festival – Winner
  • Oniros Film Awards New York – Winner
  • Florence Film Award – Best Commercial
  • Best Global Shorts IMdb – Best Advertising Short
  • London Movie Awards – Honorable Mention
  • Wine, Women & Film Festival – Honorable Mention
  • Art Film Awards – Honorable Mention
  • AIMAFF – Special Mention
  • CFIFF Changing Face International Film Festival – Film of the Month |