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Message from the ICCC: a market of 300 million euros for AI in Italy in 2020, Record for Italian agrifood exports, a new Ministry of Ecological Transition, etc.

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In a unique and constantly evolving global context, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada (ICCC) informs you about the latest developments in both of the Italian and Canadian markets. We share industry news that may have an impact on your relationship with your partners and customers, or that may constitute new development opportunities for your business. The ICCC is supporting you in your international business strategies.



Artificial intelligence, a market of 300 million euros in Italy in 2020

According to the latest report from the Observatory of Artificial Intelligence of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management, the expenditure related to AI in 2020 (software and services) recorded a growth of 15% compared to the previous year, reaching 300 million euros. We also note that more than half of companies (53%) have an active artificial intelligence project. Artificial intelligence has also aroused growing interest from institutions, notably with the publication of the “Italian Strategy for Artificial Intelligence” and the project to create the Italian Institute for Artificial Intelligence (I3A ), whose mission would be to coordinate the various research activities and contribute to the development of the sector. To learn more, click here.

CDP Venture Capital invests € 3 million in Altilia’s artificial intelligence

Altilia, a company that develops an advanced artificial intelligence platform for the automation of sophisticated business processes called Altilia Intelligent Automation, receives a three million euro investment from CDP Venture Capital through the Italia Venture II – Fondo fund Imprese South. This investment will allow the company to rapidly develop its research activities and increase its impact on the market, with a decisive expansion in terms of internationalization. Altilia integrates artificial intelligence technologies with what is called Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to automate even activities that generally require human judgment and professional skills. Altilia Intelligent Automation technology allows the transfer of knowledge of algorithms with great simplicity and is able to help analysts and decision-makers to build, educate and apply AI models adapted to their needs, without necessarily having technical specific skills in this sector. The ICCC had the honor to collaborate with this startup which was present in Montreal during the first edition of the Canada-Italy Business Forum on AI. Read more here.


Record for Italian agrifood exports in 2020

According to recent data from Istat, Italian agri-food exports amount to 46.1 billion euros in 2020, a new record, more significant during the coronavirus pandemic. A rich loot, including 39.1 billion from food products, drinks and tobacco, up + 1.9% compared to 2019, and 6.9 billion euros from agricultural, forestry and fishing products, in growth of + 0.7%. This data confirms the strength of Made in Italy on the table, even in a complex year like the one that has just passed! Read more here.


Ecological transition, digital transition and tourism: new developments in the Draghi government

The areas of competence of the new ministries of ecological transition, digital transition and the reactivated tourism ministry were recently defined by the government of Mario Draghi. The main novelty is the creation of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which absorbs the powers of the Ministry of the Environment and part of those of the Ministry of Economic Development. The decree also establishes a “Committee for ecological transition”, a structure with transversal skills which should develop the Ecological Transition Plan within three months of its entry into force, by coordinating policies of “sustainable mobility”, “circular economy”, “Air quality”, “hydrogeological instability” “. The fundamental message is that Italy must now look ahead and transform the country, anchored for centuries in coal and oil, into a sustainable and efficient country. Read more here.


A real smart factory in the renovated Siemens technology center in Piacenza

This year, the Siemens Technology Application Center (TAC) in Piacenza celebrates its 10th anniversary and its mission of fostering the integration between the virtual world of design and the real world of production, continues with the creation of the DEX. The new Digital Enterprise Experience Center (DEX), located in Emilia-Romagna, one of the most industrialized regions in Italy and one of the main innovation hubs in Europe, is a factory where it is possible to experiment with the most innovative technologies in manufacturing industry 4.0. The new Digital Enterprise Experience Center (DEX) is one where it is possible to experience the most innovative technologies of the 4.0 manufacturing industry. It is also a top training center to support digital manufacturing production. The objective is to make large companies and SMEs understand the advantages of digitization by allowing them to interact with real machines and applications, and to develop tailor-made solutions. Learn more, here.


ANGI: priority to innovation, startups and digital technology for the relaunch of Italy

Italy is currently awaiting a clear directive from the Draghi government on the development and recovery of the country’s economy. In this context, the important work and role of the National Association of Young Innovators, ANGI, stands out. Indeed, the association, which represents a point of reference for innovation in Italy, continues to dialogue and ensure maximum support to companies and institutions. Both at the regulatory level and in the development of the entrepreneurial fabric, measures are taken to help those who invest in innovation and help promote a rapid recovery of the country’s economic and social ecosystem. Find out more here.




Ottawa’s favorable decision to expand the Port of Montreal to Contrecoeur

Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson has validated that the project to build a marine terminal in Contrecoeur can go ahead. This project was the subject of an environmental analysis by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, and the results confirmed that it “is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental impacts”. Many conditions will also need to be respected. In a press release, the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) welcomed the favorable decision. The APM wishes to use the Contrecoeur site to increase its container handling capacity. It is estimated that up to 1.5 million containers per year could pass through this future terminal. Read more here.


UEAT launches home delivery service with local partners

UEAT, which provides its smart online ordering solutions to thousands of restaurants, is launching its integrated delivery program right on its platform, across Canada. This program connects restaurants with various local and national delivery services and allows restaurateurs to offer a delivery option within their own website using a supplier that serves their area. The initiative encourages local transport services and the cost associated with delivery is fixed or allocated according to distance, and not affected by the value of the order, which is most of the time a great advantage for the restaurant owner. Read more here.


The FCCQ mobilizes its network to support the in-company vaccination campaign

Since January, the FCCQ has been in contact with the Government of Quebec, in particular the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé. The FCCQ has presented the Government of Quebec a detailed game plan to identify companies likely to participate in the vaccination campaign, in order to provide the ministry with the clearest and most uniform information possible. The ICCC supports the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Quebec (FCCQ) which will be the link between the Government of Quebec and businesses that wish to host vaccination campaigns. A form is now available. To learn more, click here.


The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada is recruiting a Digital Marketing Coordinator.

The ICCC is looking for a Digital Marketing Coordinator, who will be in charge of the development of digital strategies and campaigns aimed at supporting the outreach of Wine and Travel Italy website as well as supporting the clients of the ICCC, its members and its various initiatives. The ideal candidate has a good knowledge of digital marketing strategies (social networks, website, newsletter, webcast, organic and paid referencing, etc.). The candidate has  solid organizational skills, along with a sense of initiative, a great reactivity and the will to evolve in an organization on a human scale. He/she has a strong interest in Italian culture and gastronomy, as well as a basic knowledge of Italian.

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