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Message from the ICCC: an Italian Innovation Recognized at CES 2021, the World of Italian Wine Increases its Efforts to become Carbon Neutral, Quebec Supports the Port of Montreal Expansion Project, etc.

January 19, 2021

Dear Members and Partners,

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the state of the global economy and of trade between Canada and the world. The ICCC is here to help you get through this difficult period, by supporting you and your international business strategies.



VAIMOO, an Italian Innovation Recognized at CES 2021

Italy’s Integrated e-Bike Sharing System won the Product Innovation Award at CES 2021, the Consumer Electronics Show held virtually in Las Vegas from January 11-14. VAIMOO was awarded this award for technology that uses artificial intelligence to optimize the service and maintenance management of e-bike fleets. It offers an advanced management platform that helps optimize operations, reduce costs and increase quality of service, as well as an attractive mobile application for the end user. VAIMOO is successful in offering new models of mobility and sustainable transport opportunities in urban areas. To read more, click here. (article in Italian)


The World of Italian Wine Increases its Efforts to become Carbon Neutral

It is no longer just the large wine corporations that are investing in reducing their “carbon footprint”, but more and more small companies are taking targeted actions to be more environmentally friendly. The Santa Margherita group announced in 2014 that all of their Pinot Grigio production distributed in Canada (nearly 1.5 million bottles per year) became carbon neutral and certified by the independent Carbonzero institute. Additionally, in 2019 the Sicilian company Firriato, became one of the first wineries in the world to be completely carbon neutral. More recently, the company Argiano is launching its certification project to have a carbon neutral supply chain. Read more here. (article in Italian)


Blockchain Technology, a Tool for the Future of the Italian Food Industry?

When we talk about blockchain we generally think of the world of finance, crypto-currencies and other digital technologies. But in reality, one of the areas where this technology can have a large impact is the food industry as it allows products to be seamlessly tracked in real time throughout the supply chain: farmers, processors, logistics, distributors and retailers. A technology appreciated by both producers and consumers. According to the latest data from the SmartAgrifood Observatory, in 2019 11% of the 82 international projects based on this technology were taking place in Italy. For Italian companies, blockchain is one of the key technologies to increase exports and protect Made in Italy throughout the world as well as keep rural areas and small local communities alive. Read more here. (article in Italian).


Formafarma: a Digital Space Dedicated to Pharmacies and Manufacturers

Initiated by the Yec Group, a technology company specializing in the development of innovative digital solutions for major brands, Formafarma is an online learning platform that aims to make the pharmacist training process smarter and more efficient. It is a digital space where pharmaceutical laboratories and pharmacies converge and in which pharmacists can independently train on products already available on the market as well as products soon to be launched. Each product has a dedicated page allowing users to consult scientific, administrative and marketing information, such as suggestions on the best way to communicate the products to different target consumers. Note that the tool also allows the pharmacy to place orders for products that do not require a medical prescription. To learn more, click here. (article in Italian)




Quebec Supports the Port of Montreal Expansion Project

The Quebec government grants $ 55M to the Port of Montreal for its container terminal project in Contrecoeur. This contribution will make it possible to complete  the work necessary for the development of the new container terminal in Contrecoeur and will also support the overall economic recovery. To learn more, click here.


ExploreIP: a New Online Resource for Intellectual Property (IP)

The Government of Canada launched a new online platform, ExploreIP, for businesses, creators, entrepreneurs and innovators to discover intellectual property (IP) held by public sector institutions in order to stimulating collaborations that could help launch the next big innovation. This new free tool allows for direct communication with patent holders to discuss and negotiate a licensing agreement. ExploreIP currently features 48 public sector organizations that together represent more than 3,780 patent families with more than 13,500 patents and patent applications. The platform also contains a feature allowing users to save searches and receive notifications when new technologies matching their criteria are added. For more information, please visit the ExploreIP website.


New Confinement and Curfew Measures for One Month in Quebec

Starting last Saturday January 9th and continuing until February 8th, it is forbidden to be outside of your place of residence after curfew (8 p.m. to 5 a.m.) in Quebec. The goal is to force the population to isolate themselves at home in order to bring an end to the second wave of the epidemic. Some exceptions apply such as travel for health care, humanitarian reasons, when an essential worker travels to work or for home deliveries. This curfew is accompanied by the extension of the closure of non-essential businesses until February 8, 2021. For more information, click here.

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