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International call for medical equipment by the Lombardy Region | COVID-19

Urgent Request!

In order to face the outbreak of COVID-19, the Lombardy Region has launched an international call for sanitary equipment and the urgent needs of the main Italian hospitals which are in a very critical situation of emergency.

Below, you will find the list of materials needed to protect our physicians and sanitary personnel facing the next 2 months of COVID-19 emergency.

For each item of the list, we kindly ask you to provide us with:

  • a brochure or image or datasheet, as clear and complete as possible in order to permit the full analysis of the item;
  • the available quantity and the delivery timeline;
  • your best quote

We are obviously available to evaluate any kind of offer, also for lower quantities than those indicated below or for partial deliveries.

Please ensure that the information included in your communication is as complete and reliable as possible, to allow us to make a correct and efficient analysis.

Medical Equipment

 Product Quantity
EN 14605:2005+A1:2009
Full-body protective clothing with liquid-tight connections between different parts of the clothing (Type 3: liquid-tight clothing) and, if applicable, with liquid-tight connections to component parts, such as hoods, gloves, boots, visors or respiratory protective equipment, which may be specified in other European Standards.
EN 340:2003
Protective clothing – General requirements
EN 14126:2003
Protective clothing – Performance requirements and tests methods for protective clothing against infective agents NSI/AAMI PB70 standard Level 3 or 4 gown (that is, sterile surgical isolation gowns) for surgery/invasive procedures with a medium to high risk of contamination
EN ISO 13688:2013
Protective clothing, medical headgear – General requirements (ISO 13688:2013)
FF2P masks without valve
N95 respirators and surgical masks (face masks)
FF3P masks without valve 5,000,000
3 or 4 layer surgical masks 15,000,000
EN 166 visors personal eye-protectors 20,000,000
Uni EN 13688 or DM Socks / overshoes 20,000,000
Hydrogen peroxide (liters) 20,000
Hand gel cleaner hydroalcohol solution> 60% (liters) 20,000
Hydro-alcoholic solution (liters) 20,000
Sodium hypochlorite 14% (liters) 20,000
Suits in Tyvec class III type 4 mis. L, model with shoes (Indutex or Dupont company) 500,000
14% hypochlorite (liters) 20,000
Goggle model (similar 3M ski mask) 10,000,000
Safety goggles 10,000,000
Single patient Helmets for Non Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (NPPB), that can be used both in PSV-ASB, BIPAP and CPAP. Supplied with a pneumatic seal zip and air pressure generator. 2,000
Intensive Care Unit beds Please indicate available stock


Each bed needs: Items Quantity
Electrical Intensive care bed (See the attachment files for technical features required) 200
Patient monitor (See the attachment files for technical features required) 200
Antidecubitus mattress (if bed has not any) 200
Syringe pump, with rack (See the attachment files for technical features required) 600
Infusion pumps (See the attachment files for technical features required) 400
Lung/pulmonary ventilator with humidifier (See the attachment files for technical features required) 200
Sunction systems (for tracheotomy and for endotracheal tube) 600
Oxymeter 200
Aerosol (if ventilator has not any) 200
Fluxymeter (for high flux, for instance 30l) 400

Usually advance payment requests are not allowed (30-day payments or on delivery for significant quantities). However, we can issue a letter of guarantee from the Region or a letter of credit.

Please refer to the purchasing office of ARIA S.p.A. directed by Dr. Carmen Schweigl, who can be reached at

Mr. Filippo Bongiovanni (email:, mobile +39 335 7635849) can be reached for any clarification and management profile.

Thank you of your collaboration.

Together we will win.

Mr. Davide Carlo Caparini

Regional Minister for Finance, Government Lombardy Region |