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New member of the ICCC : Alma Wines

It is our pleasure to welcome a new member to the ICCC: Alma Wines

Italy’s extraordinary vine-growing heritage is recognized worldwide. Promoting it while maintaining its authenticity is the philosophy developed by Alma – The Soul of Italian Wine, Italy’s first négociant-éleveur established in 2003.

Featuring a range of over 60 products, many of which have won awards from prestigious international institutions, Alma acknowledges, interprets, and meets market needs by analyzing trends and developing – through the work of its winemakers and carefully selected local producers – a range of wines that represents and enhances the authenticity of most Italian regional production, from Piedmont to Sicily.

From grape selection to stringent wine-making techniques, Alma carefully monitors every step in its production process to ensure its highest quality standards. A reliable network of professionals sharing the same levels of passion and experience allows Alma to provide its international customers with a lean global solution and an efficient 360° service ranging from production to logistics. This unique added value completes the company’s transversal and high-quality service range.

To find out more about their products:

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