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Spotlight on our mentees : Claudia Bonini

Claudia Bonini, Export & Sales Manager at Megaline SRL, joined the International programChamber mentoring for international growth”, led in Montreal by the ICCC, as Mentee.

Megaline manufactures articles for the maintenance of weapons and outdoor sports.  Being a small entity, it is very flexible therefore specialized in product customization.

The Mentoring project enabled me to explore new opportunities and learn from those who have direct experience and have worked in this market for years.”

Her mentor Gabriele Capuzi helped Megaline SRL in their internationalization process, through his knowledge.

Gabriele Capuzi is a very experienced professional and was extremely available; we exchanged different information and he made efforts to help me introduce my products in a market where they were completely unknown. He was helpful in finding information from Canadian databases that I then worked into my marketing business plan.” 

The ICCC would like to thank Claudia Bonini, for taking part in this important project. |