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Spotlight on our mentors : Gaspare Colletti

Gaspare Colletti, President of Les Aliments CELL Foods Inc., a leading importer and processor of spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables and seasonings in Canada, joined the program “Chamber mentoring for international growth”, led in Montreal by the ICCC, as Mentor.

Gaspare, who was born in Cattolica Eraclea, Sicily, has acquired over 40 years of experience in the food and agriculture industry both in Canadian and US markets. His desire to reconnect with his country of origin and to support the economic development of Italy, are the main factors that encouraged him to become a mentor. As member of the Board of Directors of the ICCC, he has had the opportunity to assist in the development of various Italian organizations over the past 15 years.

“Motivation for becoming a mentor was to be able to share with a younger generation my many years of experience as an entrepreneur…. the possibility of being able to share your expertise with someone who can benefit from it is very rewarding in itself. ”

The ICCC would like to thank Gaspare Colletti for taking part in this important project and helping the Italian companies CALABRIA FOOD SRL and MARCO ANTONIO PAESE in their internationalization process, through his valuable knowledge! |