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Spotlight on our mentors : Alexandra Dawson

Alexandra Dawson, associate professor of management and CIBC Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship & Family Business, at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, joined the mentorship program Chamber mentoring for international growth.

“I joined the mentorship program of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada because it is a way to “give back “, to return the knowledge I have acquired to my country of origin through a voluntary activity. At the same time I wanted to get closer to the world of Italian companies already present or interested in coming to Canada.

Alexandra also lived in Milan, where she did a PhD at Bocconi, in London, where she did a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics, and in Barcelona, ​​where she was a visiting scholar. Born in Palermo, where she completed her degree in Business and Economics, she has lived in Montreal since 2009.

At Concordia she deals with entrepreneurship and family businesses, but she is also in charge of a consulting service run by MBA students who offer support to entrepreneurs and small & medium-sized businesses in Montreal.

“Through the mentorship program I am supporting an Italian company in the field of artificial intelligence that wants to grow also through collaborations in Canada. I’m helping my ‘mentee’ to draw up a marketing plan that will allow the company to identify the growth strategy internationally. Helping her to reflect on the future strategy is a way to connect the academic world to that of companies …. I learned a lot about an industry that I did not know well …. “

The ICCC would like to thank Alexandra Dawson for taking part in this important project and assisting the Italian company DLV SYSTEM SRL in its internationalization process, by sharing her invaluable knowledge! |